Visual Design Procurement, Creation & Consolidation Services

Portland Revibe is a Woman-owned, eco-sustainable business with an expertise in supplying crafted and previously loved items for commercial and residential use. 

We partner with clients to consolidate and streamline the  visual display procurement process while meeting our clients aesthetic needs to build lasting customer experiences.

Portland Revibe partners with our clients to conduct a thourough evaluation of project scope and process. We evaluate availability, come up with options/solutions, and supply unique visual display pieces to help fullfill the project needs in a timely manner.

Portland Revibe has the honor of working with and supplying unique decor items to Interior Designers, Design Firms, World-Wide Retailers, Resturants, Hotels, TV Show Producers and various Publications. Some of our clients include: Real Simple Magazine, Basic Kitchen, Ralph Lauren, Sonder Group and many others.

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