9 Dining Room Decor Items We Always Look for at Thrift Shops

Thrift stores are the perfect place to score hidden gems that will make your dining room truly unique.

By Nina Derwin

Published on April 24, 2024

This One Vintage Piece Is Making an Unexpected Comeback

Written by Nina Derwin is a Brooklyn-based writer with a passion for home decor, cleaning and organization, and food.

Published on April 21, 2024

10 Things You Should Thrift Instead of Buying New

Martha Stewart

"Not everything you buy needs to be brand new—thrifted items give secondhand goods a new life."

Written by Nina Derwin is a Brooklyn-based writer with a passion for home decor, cleaning and organization, and food.

Published on April 18, 2024

Scaling up shop: 5 steps to set up your vintage resale business for growth - The Vintage Seeker

A reseller’s cliff notes on how to build a business foundation for efficiency, success and, eventually, expansion

Written by Taylor Jochim-Smoot for The Vintage Seeker

Emily Henderson's Blog Post on The Rose City Vintage & Left Coast Flea

Andi (@AllPutTogether) and I had an absolute blast working behind the scenes with Rose City Vintage Market and Laura (@leftcoastrevivals) at Left Coast Flea. Not only were we there to help push this market to new heights, we had the pleasure of being one of the 350+ vendors that got to mingle with the crowd and fellow resellers. Emily Henderson recently wrote about her finds from the market and provided a list of vendors to check out!

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The flea market held a mix of vintage, repurposed, and new artisanal good. We stopped by Portland Revibe, an e-commerce business that repurposes eclectic vintage goods while always trying to connect with the artisans of the community. We snapped this shot of one of their clever displays.

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Thrifting in the Willamette Valley With Portland Revibe

My good friend, Taylor, is one of the most formidable small business owners I know. She grew her side hustle, Portland Revibe, into a full-blown career...

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2019 Color Of The Year: Burnt Orange Finds On Etsy

The 2019 color of the year is a hotly debated topic for the design world. Pantone has bet on“Living Coral” while most paint companies have erred on the side of palette-friendly neutrals.Etsy, the online provider of vintage and handmade goodies, has seen a spike in a slightly more unique hue—burnt orange.

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The 2020 Real Simple Home Is Here—and It's Full of Organizing and Design Ideas You'll Want to Steal

After spending so much time sheltering in place this year, many of us discovered just how important our spaces can be.

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Taylor & Carla | Small Business Owners | Portland, Ore.

Mother and daughter powerhouse – Taylor and Carla – are the dream team behind Oregon-based Portland Revibe, a business that breathes life back into really cool vintage items. Both inspired by fashion and home goods, the two love thrifting and the excitement of finding the perfect vintage piece to "revibe" or refurbish.


Taylor Jochim-Smoot

From Portland Revibe