Learn about the owner of Portland Revibe

Throughout my life, I've become increasingly aware of how commerce has shifted away from long-lasting products and into accelerated consumption of more disposable goods. It has been eye opening to realize that our systems of recycling are not as efficient or effective as they could be. Even more alarming, there has been a drop in local trades across the US. These skilled individuals are vital resources to refurbish used goods and build higher-quality products that can stand the test of time. All of these realizations pushed me to start making more eco-sustainable changes in my own life to consume less, reuse more, learn new skills, and support local small business communities and makers. These lifestyle values form the foundation of Portland Revibe’s mission

Humble beginnings

At a young age, I'd go estate sale shopping with my Mom. I loved exploring the houses, learning about the history of the items we'd discover and the thrill of the hunt to find the perfect pieces to create a unique living space. It brings us such joy to find previously loved items with history that were built with such care.